A Better Website for Photographers

Before I took up photographing women in their panties, I spent fifteen years creating websites, so I know the difference between a good website and a not so good website, and girls? I am seeing some not so good websites out there.

You may be looking for a beautiful website and don’t even know it. I see websites that look good on a desktop, but not on a cellphone. I see websites that are amazing on a cellphone, but are a hot mess on a desktop/laptop. I see websites that are six years old and they look like it. I see website that haven’t had their core updated in over five years!!!

I have 15+ years experience in web design I will purchase your domain, your first year of hosting with a reliable host and design your website. Then I will take a week to virtually walk you through every facet of maintaining your website; if you’re local, I’ll bring my trusty laptop and walk you through it in person! In the future you’ll pay only to renew registration and hosting, unless you request new updates.

I’ve been doing this for nearly 20 years. Wisco-Web-Design is a new domain, but I operated under MadBeeWeb from March of 2000 until May of 2016. I KNOW what I’m doing and I will do everything in my power to give you the website that you envision. I am not a fly-by-night company and I will NOT desert you in the middle of your site construction.

In the past thirty-five 35 years I’ve been a beautician, nail technician (nail salon owner), bookkeeper, a floral designer (wedding flowers), greenhouse employee, bartender, waitress and body shop employee. Many of those occupations gave me the opportunity to be creative and I’ve never lost my yearning to create beautiful things. In 1999, I decided to open my own design company. I registered madbeeweb.com in March of 2000 and haven’t looked back.

My experience with so many diverse businesses has given me unique opportunity to learn how each should be presented on the web. I am self-taught, but I am extremely passionate about web design and take real pride in every site I design.

I consider each site as not just a job, but as an opportunity for me to express my creativity and attention to detail. I am lucky enough to be acquainted with a group of talented individuals who are experts in the web design industry and I consult them on a per project basis.

I optimize every graphic, whether it’s a scanned photo or a Photoshop image, to ensure that it doesn’t slow the loading of the page. I am extremely proficient with CSS, HTML and JavaScript. I can set up guestbooks, newsletters, forums and bulletin boards and I’ve aided several of my clients in setting up their e-mail programs.