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Abby – Testimonial

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What was your biggest fear before hiring me? Did it come true, and if not, what happened instead My biggest fear was feeling ashamed of my body, but I wasn’t. You and Pru were amazing and knew just the right poses and angles to accentuate and flatter the things that needed it. Were you nervous […]


Shannon – Testimonial

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Green Bay Initmate Photography

What was your biggest fear before hiring us? My biggest fear was mere thought about exposing my body to complete strangers- when I don’t even feel comfortable exposing my body to people I know, and should be comfortable around. I was also nervous my photos would never turn out like the ones I’ve seen other […]

Boudie Call

Behind the Scenes Boudoir

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Behind the Scenes Boudoir in Appleton

Behind the Scenes Appleton Boudoir If you’ve had your photos done by JLReis Photography, you’ve met Prudence and I and you know that if nothing else, we are batshit crazy in the most loving and hysterical kind of way. One of the biggest things we hear from our girlies is that they don’t know what […]

Boudie Call

February Boudie Call

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Wisconsin Boudoir Photography

Booking for March! Due to overwhelming interest in last month’s event, Pru & I are holding our second model call of 2019! We’re looking to shoot seven different themes in March, no experience required. We are on the hunt for REAL PEOPLE of any shape or size that are willing to sign a release and […]