February Boudie Call

Wisconsin Boudoir Photography

Booking for March!

Due to overwhelming interest in last month’s event, Pru & I are holding our second model call of 2019! We’re looking to shoot seven different themes in March, no experience required. We are on the hunt for REAL PEOPLE of any shape or size that are willing to sign a release and allow their photos to be used by us for advertising purposes (including, but not limited to, Facebook, Instagram, website, etc.)

It’s hard take that first step and we have nothing but tons of love for our clients who’ve come in, thrown their clothes off and contorted themselves into some pretty painful positions. We are grateful for those women who allow us to share their photos in any capacity and we can’t wait to do it again and again. We also love those babes who prefer NOT to share their images with anyone and we NEVER post your images without your permission and a signed release.

Intimate photography isn’t just a simple makeup session and photo shoot. It’s not just something you do for someone else. Having these photos taken can be the biggest ego boost you ever have. When you come and hang out with us we make you laugh, we give you the gift of discovering yourself. We tease out your femininity. We give you the opportunity to experience that side of you that you’ve always wanted to.

Boudoir photography is a life changing experience and every woman should experience this side of them. Our boudie call babes help other women see that they can do this too!

FINE PRINT: The $125 deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE. If you don’t show, you don’t get your money back. ONE reschedule is allowed. Photos will be used for advertising purposes of any kind. You are not tagged by us, but you may tag yourself. Five images are included in the model call but additional images/products are available for purchase during your reveal with your product credit.

REFERRAL PERKS: Refer a friend who books a model call and you get $50 towards a FULL PRICED TEASE SESSION (hair/makeup not included). Referral credits don’t expire and are stackable. Your friend must mention your name at time of booking.

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Ms A’s Boudoir Session(s)

Ashwaubenon Boudoir Photography

JLReis Photography’s goal to make YOU see your own, real beauty. I want to tell YOUR story. I want to show you who you are. I want to share your truth. MsA shares her boudoir experience below.

Ashwaubenon Boudoir Photography

“I was so nervous about these pictures. I simply didn’t know what to expect; Jackee was warm and inviting and instantly made me feel much more at ease.” I have to give MsA a big shout out, she walked in to the studio and immediately put herself into Prudence’s capable hands and was down for whatever we had in mind. She says, “I was definitely put at ease from the moment I met you.”

Ashwaubenon Boudoir Photography

Nerves ALWAYS play a part in any photo shoot. “Definitely!” says MsA. “I even contemplated several glasses of wine but I didn’t want that glassy look, haha.”

Ashwaubenon Boudoir Photography

While I’m nervous at every reveal, I’m more nervous that my client won’t see what I saw. When I asked what MsA felt, she said, “Several different emotions from not being able to see how beautiful I looked in the pictures to realizing that I AM beautiful. Jackee pointed out so many times that beauty is the focus – not the flaws.” My heart just burst. MsA IS beautiful.

Ashwaubenon Boudoir Photography

My idea of a good time is not always someone else’s idea of a good time, lol, but this time the client felt the same way I did! “My favorite part of the experience was] Driving in a van to some unknown place with two people I had never met!” Pru and I try to make our clients laugh and to feel comfortable, it makes me happy that MsA felt that. “Jackee and Pru have such a fun time together.”

Ashwaubenon Boudoir Photography

MsA says if you’re thinking about having a boudoir session, do it! “Just jump right in a get your feet wet!”

Ashwaubenon Boudoir Photography

“I’ve recommended her to many people! I tell them that she not only takes great pictures, but that she instantly puts you at ease and makes you put aside your fear.”

This is what I want to do in a nutshell. I want you to stop being afraid and to see your own beauty. I want to give you memories that you can look back on for the rest of your life. If you want to see future blog posts, know when I’m running great special OR be in on my Black Friday deals, get your name on my newsletter list!!!

Outdoor Glamour or Boudoir sessions are easy to set up. Want to set up your own session? Just email me or Facebook PM and we’ll get the ball rolling

Birthday Party for Grown-Up Girls

Birthday Boudoir

Birthdays, once you get to a certain age, are ALL milestone birthdays and if we’re smart, we find some way to celebrate ourselves. MsS was all for a funny Big Girl Birthday Session and she brought her A game. She is the master of hilarious facial expression and Prudence and I actually rolled around watching her.

She also managed to look incredibly gorgeous and I know she’ll be reminded of this birthday “party” for years to come.

Not everybody wants to “unleash” their inner sexy for our birthday or any other special occasion. That’s okay, we can document ourselves, our birthdays, our lives any way we want to, but …

Grown Up Birthday Photos Are the Best!

Document your birthday with photos to remind you just how incredible you are. That body gave birth to humans and it is SPECTACULAR.

Let’s be real, if we wait until we feel we look good enough to have our photos taken, they’ll never get done. I don’t know about you, but I’ve got all I can do to get all of my mail opened on the regular. If you’re thinking of having your photos taken, just DO it. You can wear as much (or as little as) you want and you’ll appreciate those photos on every birthday from now on.

Birthday Boudoir sessions are easy to set up. Want to set up your own session? Just email me or Facebook PM and we’ll get the ball rolling

Outdoor Boudoir

Wisconsin Outdoor Boudoir

Outdoor boudoir – is there anything more beautiful? Although Ms S looked comfortable, she is mama to four gorgeous kids and this was her first time in front of a camera. She is one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met. Thank you, Ms S for trusting me and letting yourself to be vulnerable out there in the great wide open

Now that Mother Nature is back on her meds, I’m hoping to get some more outdoor boudoir sessions in this summer. It’s the perfect time of year. I have the perfect spots and every piece of wardrobe and shoes we’ll need. No nakey, all sexy and just for YOU.

$150 ($50 extra for hair), 15 4×6 prints, custom DVD with all chosen images and a print release. And lunch!

Wisconsin Outdoor Boudoir

Wisconsin Outdoor Boudoir

Wisconsin Outdoor Boudoir

Boudoir/Glamour sessions are easy to set up. Want to set up your own session? Just email me or Facebook PM and we’ll get the ball rolling

Ashley Busalacchi’s Winter Chill Vendor Event

Winter Chill Vendor Event

Emily and drove down Oshkosh way on Saturday to attend Ashley Busalacchi’s Winter Chill Vendor Event. It’s been a minute since I’ve been to a vendor show and I’d almost forgotten how much fun they really can be. A group of women get together to network and share their products and services and after a few hours? They’ve all learned something about the others.

I was also reminded about how passionate women can be about the things they love. I learned how to make a new snack mix, I’m trying to get rid of the bags under my eyes (I don’t have a problem with wrinkles – thank God – but those black circles!), ate a brownie (or two) that tasted like a Rumplemintz shot and got some good ideas for gift bags (ooh, those bath bombs!!)

If you have a problem downloading from this page, PLEASE go here: http://jlreisphotography.com/index.php/oshkosh/

As I said, I went to network, but was reminded that women actually NEED photos if they run their own business. People know the brand they’re looking for, like Wildtree or Scentsy, but they also like to know WHO they’re doing business with. A good headshot can be just the thing to get a new customer to order from you.

Reason #Six

Reason #Six

Reason to Have your Boudoir\Glamour Portrait Taken

Reason #6: No one cares what you look like.


Isn’t that a shitty reason for a photographer to give? Isn’t that a terribly awful shitty thing for a photographer that says she’s trying to RAISE women’s self-esteem to say to a bunch of women?

I thought this reason was so important that it needed a whole damn blog post.

On the surface it sounds shitty, but think about it. Nearly everyone is so wrapped up in their own bullshit that they don’t have the time or the inclination to pay attention what other women look like. So we all sit in our heads and imagine what OTHERS are thinking of us, when in reality, no ONE is thinking of us.

Everybody has issues with their looks or their bodies, no matter our size. I’ve had thin-thin-thin women walk in and say they’re embarrassed for ME to see them, cuz they know they don’t look like my other clients. WTF? Of course you don’t look like my other clients, you’re YOU. Over the years I’ve had clients (hair clients, nail clients, etc) that have spent half their adult life obsessing on something that NO ONE notices but them: a slightly crooked tooth, the tip of a finger that bends just off true – HONESTLY, shit that NO ONE else notices. I’ve seen boobs that are one cup bigger than the other. I’ve seen broken toes that healed crooked. I’ve seen so many things that were so UNIMPORTANT that I can’t remember who they belonged to … because I have my OWN shit that I worry about.

Stop It!

Why the feck are we all so dissatisfied with the body that we live in? Why are ALL, yes ALL of us, so dissatisfied with the body God’s given us? We need to realize that we will NEVER be perfect: PERFECT is a MYTH.

When will we realize that no ONE but us sees those horribly “ugly” parts of ourselves but US? When will we realize that we are as beautiful RIGHT NOW as we are – RIGHT NOW!!! Those things we consider so offensive to the rest of the world don’t matter to the rest of the world because the rest of the world is obsessing with their own bullshit.

We need to accept our bodies as they are and peace with how we look. Having your portraits done will give you a incredible boost of confidence and the chance to see yourself in a new and different light.

Boudoir/Glamour sessions are easy to set up. Want to set up your own session? Just email me or Facebook PM and we’ll get the ball rolling

Wisconsin Biker Babes

Wisconsin Harley Glamour Sessions
Wisconsin Harley Boudoir
Harley Women – The Photo That Started It ALL


Harley Boudoir/Glamour sessions are easy to set up. Want to set up your own session? Just email me or Facebook PM and we’ll get the ball rolling

Every one of the ladies in this post hold a place near and dear to my heart. The very first (and a couple of the others) are my very best friend and one of the most beautiful women I know. Whenever her photos grace my blog or FB feed, they blow up with comments. The photo up top is the photo that started it all. MsP needed a photo for a calendar. We had a half an hour. I took one shot and this was the photo that went in the calendar. This photo led to the opportunity to work with a local business and shoot their calendar for the next four years. One of the ladies is a very talented make-up artist, another is my tattoo girl and one of them is a community minded business owner.

And I love every one of them.

So … do you (or your SO) have a bike that you want to include in your session? It’s pretty easy to do. Just ride it over and we’ll roll!

Rockabilly Dream Session

vintage glamour/boudoir

Rockabilly ROCKS!

I’ve been shooting quite a few bridal boudoir sessions in the last month; my clients want to save their photos for the groom, so I don’t get to share those. Sad 🙁

But yay! I DO get to show some of my other work. Like this Rockabilly inspired Dream Session from May. MissP and I took headed North for the morning and she led me to the perfect Rockabilly/Vintage scene for a photo-shoot. I love shooting outdoors and this Rockabilly session was PERFECT!

MissP and I have done quite a few outdoor sessions over the years and this one is definitely one of my favorites. We hang out, take some hot shots and laugh a LOT. Shooting with MissP is never just about taking pretty pictures. It’s about capturing her beauty in a setting that reflects who she IS. And that is my goal as a glamour/boudoir photographer: to take your photos in a setting that is all you and to put them all together for you to save and look at over and over as a forever reminder of your beauty.

It’s always a pleasure and an honor to share any session I’ve done with MissP.

Do you need a special occasion to have a dream session? No you DON’T. Let’s just shoot to celebrate YOU!!

Want to set your own Rockabilly/Vintage session? Just email me or Facebook PM and we’ll get the ball rolling

Glamour Rep Search for JLReis Photography – Day Two

wisconsin glamour

JLReis Photography Studio Glamour Rep

I’ve worked with so many lovely women since opening my doors, creating some of the most incredible images that I am so PROUD of. With every session I do, I feel more and more strongly that this is what I am meant to do for the rest of my life. Now I am looking for a glamour rep, a boudoir rep, a headshot rep and a dreamshoot rep. All reps can shoot any of the categories, but I will need at least ONE for each.

How I’ll be choosing will be a little different than I have in the past. Most of the women that I currently shoot have children, are over 35 years old, and have great life stories. I want women who will represent my regular client, someone who understands how important it is for women to be confident, brave and comfortable in their own skin. I’m not looking for experienced models, I’m looking for women like ME and YOU.

My reps will be expected to tell all their friends about their amazing experience with JLReis Photography and share their photos on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. These women will be the face of my studio, from July 1st until December 31st. They will have at least three photo sessions with me throughout the year and will be my muses.

The women I choose will be expected to be comfortable enough with their body to pose in lingerie or simulated nudes (you will NEVER AT ANY TIME be expected to pose naked or have nude photos used in any of my advertising). While I will choose the type/theme of the sessions, I will shoot around YOUR schedule. You will be required to sign a model release, allowing me full use of your images on my blog, on Facebook, on Instagram and on Twitter, no restrictions (THIS IS NOT NEGOTIABLE). You will be expected to show off your images and talk about JLReis Photography on your own social media. This is kind of like a job and you will be paid with some of the most spectacular portraits you’ve ever had taken of yourself.

I’ll be working the month of June to choose my reps, I know you’re out there!

Keep your eyes open in the next week or so for more information on my search and how to qualify to be one of my studio representatives.

For now, email me at beautiful@jlreisphotography.com or PM on Facebook with YOUR email address, so that I can add you to my VIP Facebook group.