Birthday Girl

Green Bay Birthday Boudoir

When my husband and I were rolling down the highway 30 years ago at 5am on our way to the hospital it never occurred to me that I’d someday be taking 30th birthday photos of the beautiful young woman that was my daughter. Thirty years of love, laughter and joy. This kid is everything andRead more

HMUA – Hair & Makeup Artist For Boudoir

Prudence Walker - HMUA - Green Bay, Appleton, Nichols, Seymour

HMUA? What the heck is that? Have you ever looked at a magazine and thought “God, I’d love to look like that!” You’re in luck, my HMUA – hair and makeup stylist – can make it happen. While you can get away without it, a hair and makeup styling is a must for a boudoirRead more

Happy New Year

Best Year of Your Life

Happy New Year! 2017 was a year of changes for me and for JLReis Photography. I know the people I want to reach and what I want to do with my business, it’s never changed since May 1, 2014, the official opening day of my first studio. It’s my goal to make just ONE womanRead more

Reason #Six

Reason #6: No one cares what you look like. !!!GASP!! Isn’t that a shitty reason for a photographer to give? Isn’t that a terribly awful shitty thing for a photographer that says she’s trying to RAISE women’s self-esteem to say to a bunch of women? I thought this reason was so important that it neededRead more