In Celebration …

Green Bay Boudoir | Appleton Boudoir

… of friendship, of the future, of life. I have been so lucky in my life to meet SO MANY wonderful people. Some have come into my life for only a short time, leaving me with wonderful memories of laughter shared and a few have stayed, becoming good friends and sometimes my partner in crime.Read more

Birthday Party for Grown-Up Girls

Birthday Boudoir

Birthdays, once you get to a certain age, are ALL milestone birthdays and if we’re smart, we find some way to celebrate ourselves. MsS was all for a funny Big Girl Birthday Session and she brought her A game. She is the master of hilarious facial expression and Prudence and I actually rolled around watchingRead more

Revenge Boudoir

Revenge Boudoir

Revenge Boudoir? Sounds terrible, right? But read on … Here it is the middle of June and we’re right in the middle of wedding season, but come sit here by Mama and let her tell you a story … A couple of years ago I had a young lady come in (not the chickie inRead more

Reason #Six

Reason #6: No one cares what you look like. !!!GASP!! Isn’t that a shitty reason for a photographer to give? Isn’t that a terribly awful shitty thing for a photographer that says she’s trying to RAISE women’s self-esteem to say to a bunch of women? I thought this reason was so important that it neededRead more