JLReis Photography Questionnaire

This questionnaire will help us to take the most amazing photos you’ve ever had. Once we receive it, we’ll send you an email outlining EXACTLY what you can expect from your photo session with JLReis Photography!

It’ll only take about 10 minutes to complete, but it will help YOU get a better idea of what you’re looking for in a photo session. It’ll also help us be ready for you from the minute you book your session. Here we go!!!… (answering this questionnaire DOES NOT create an obligation to a photo session)

    Fields marked with *** are required. Please answer as completely as possible.
    When would you like your images delivered (is there a special occasion)? ***
    What is the purpose of your session? A gift for yourself? A gift for someone else? A celebration of something? I'd rather not say (please explain) ***
    How would you describe your comfort level (this will help me plan for the session)? ***
    If "other" please explain
    Which of these best describe your vision for your session? (You can choose more than one) ***
    Do you have any specific ideas in mind? If so, please be as detailed as possible or send me inspirational images or a Pinterest board if you have one. I want you to be 100% satisfied and completely shocked by how great your images will be. ***
    Are there any types of clothing / props you are interested in incorporating? If so, please list them here. Be creative. ***
    What style of makeup do you prefer? ***
    Will you be using our make-up artist? ***
    How do you want your hair styled? ***
    What do you consider to be your best feature? ***
    What does your spouse/significant other consider to be your best feature? (Most often these answers are not the same) ***
    Is there anything you would like concealed or de-emphasized? We all have insecurities. Please be completely honest so I can not only honor these requests, but also so you will be 100% pleased. ***
    Please indicate the preferred privacy of any images you might have taken: ***
    How will you display your images? (You can choose more than one) ***
    What bands/music artists do you like? Or do you have a favorite Spotify or Pandora station? ****
    Are there any questions you would like to ask, or things you would like to share? Don't be shy, please ask. There are no stupid questions! ***
    Any comments or concerns - please write them here and we can discuss them and put you completely at ease. *** *