What To Expect at Your Boudoir Shoot

From our first meeting you’ll feel like you’re hanging out with a long lost friend. I’ve worked one on one with women for over 20 years, as a hair and nail tech, massaging heads, holding hands and keeping the deep dark, secrets of hundreds of women.

I’ve worked with the general public for nearly 40 years and developed the kind of personality that brings out that sassy and naughty girlie that you’ve always been, but hid away when society said you had to grow up.

But here’s the deal – you don’t have to do ANYTHING society says you have to. The only think you HAVE to do is be happy and love yourself. If you manage that every fucking thing else falls into place.

The Anatomy of a Boudoir Session With JLReis Photography

In-Person Consultation I like to meet with potential clients for a complimentary consultation. It helps you get to know me; I can be a bit much sometimes, even for people that know me. I am loud, irreverent and a little bit foul-mouthed, lol. This allows you to see if I’m the right photographer for you.

We go through my extensive boudie wardrobe to see if there’s something you like before you go and spent a ton of money. We look at my shoes (nearly 50 pair!!!) and my jewelry and my catalogue of pose sheets.

After You Book Once you book, you receive your welcome package, which includes a list of what you might want to bring and a list of dos and don’ts as your session approaches.
Session Consultation After our first meeting and once your session is paid for, we start planning the session. We make your final wardrobe choices, what items of clothing and shoes you may already have.

I cannot stress the importance of sexy shoes enough. There are the heels you wear to work and there are the heels you wear while you’re showing off your legs. I like to call them Come Fuck Me Pumps. You can’t walk in them, but they make your legs and ass look amazing.

We talk what personal props you may have that mean something to you: are you a reader? Bring your favorite book. Brewers fan? Bring your jersey.

Hair and Makeup Hair and Makeup are a must for any boudoir photo shoot! The HMUAs I work with know all the latest techniques to make you feel your most stunning in front of the camera – whether it’s natural or to the wall glamorous, Pru and Lauren are amazing at making you look stunning but not like a plastic Barbie doll.
The Session You’re feeling (and looking) fabulous, it’s time to meet my cameras! We dress you in your most modest choice of wardrobe, then, as you get more comfortable we move on to the rest.

We don’t give you time to think about stress or whether or not your smile is goofy; we keep you moving and laughing, getting on the floor or the chaise to show you the poses and if you’re good, well show you a picture or two from the back of the camera.

My studio is located in Seymour, a short drive from Green Bay, Shawano or the Valley.

Image Reveal Depending on your package, I select between 20-50 images to show you from your session, choosing only the best of the best. You come back to the studio and choose the images that you cannot live without.
Image Delivery Whether package you choose, I will hand-deliver them within a 25 mile radius.

Thinking of Bridal Boudoir?

Sensual photos are popular with brides who want to give their fiancé/soon to be husband a special gift.

Does your fiancé loves the way you look in one of his work shirts? Wear it with cute boyshorts. Your wedding veil and wedding night lingerie are musts for a bridal boudoir shoot. Give your partner a sweet little peek at what’s UNDER that dress!